Atex Specialised Handling

Specialise in handling and relocation of ICT, Medical and other equipment using air suspended vehicles that are satellite tracked.

Warehousing and packaging are provided with on-site supervision.

Road relocations are done as far as Malawi and Zambia with Atex vehicles.

Rigging and hoisting services are provided at difficult sites.

We also offer clearing and forwarding services internationally.

Atex Furniture

Corporate customers are provided with reverse logistics solutions, getting rid of old furniture when relocating. New furniture is supplied and installed.

Furniture upholstery and cleaning services are available.

Corporate furniture restoration and re-deployment services are offered.

Furniture inventory management services and storage are available.

Atex Computers

When upgrading or relocating Atex Computers offer reverse logistics solutions to E-waste problems.

Old equipment is re-used or recycled according to ISO 14001 standards.

When data destruction is undertaken a Destruction Certificate is issued. A Disposal Certificate is issued on completion of the recycling process.

Atex Computers manage and control large desktop relocations and roll-outs in the corporate environment.

Data sanitization services are offered in compliance with international standards.

Staging facilities available at Atex Head office, Johannesburg.

Atex Art

This specialized business unit offers private and corporate art solutions at international ICEFAT standards.

Our services include Shipping and Clearing, Packaging and Crating, Transportation and Secure Storage.

We handle all types of art mediums from sketches to paintings and sculptures. Art Management, Valuations

and Cataloging are undertaken for small and large collections.

Nail-to-nail services and Rigging and Placement of large and heavy art pieces are done and supervised.

Art Insurance is available on once-off requests or short term basis.

Atex Corporate Projects

The Atex Group is a Corporate Logistics Solutions Company offering all the logistics services associated with

a corporate relocation. Our Corporate Projects business unit is at the helm of any such move, responsible

for planning, customer leazing and providing the Project Management function crucial to ensure the

success of a huge corporate relocation.

We offer a Turn-Key Solution from the planning stages through the full relocation process, up to restoring the old building to “speck box” for handover to the landlords.

Atex Archiving

Normal day-to-day business operations as well as large office relocations generate lots of paperwork and filing. Atex Group provide a Corporate Archiving Solution supplying you with archive boxes, packaging services, collection and delivery services, of-site storage facilities and box tracking.