The Atex Ventures is a market leader in specialised corporate logistic solutions, placing quality and customer satisfaction above any other interest.

The company has a national footprint and offers cross border relocations to all neighbouring states using our  experienced teams. International relocations are also undertaken.

Since 2006 Atex Ventures developed our own “in-house” management training program to ensure skilled and dedicated personnel are available at all locations and to be able to staff new offices at frontier locations.

This program is known as the “ATSP” – (ATEX TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROGRAM). Today the program has evolved to incorporate business units that support both internal and external delivery standards, ensure that our personnel are fully trained in all aspects of their roles and to encourage staff retention and career development.

As an expanding organization, Atex Ventures takes the transformation of ethical business requirements seriously and are a Level 2 BBBEE rated company.

We provide specialised solutions and industry best practice to our diverse client base, with the highest customer satisfaction ratings and quality service scores.

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Company Policies


OHSAS 18001 is the internationally recognized assessment specification for occupational health and safety management systems. It was developed by a selection of leading trade bodies, international standards and certification bodies to address a gap where no third-party certifiable international standard exists.

An OHSAS promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing a framework that allows your organization to consistently identify and control its health and safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents, aid legislative compliance and improve overall performance.

Atex Ventures incorporated all safety standards as specified in ISO 18001 and we amended all our processes in accordance with its standards.

This is an ongoing process that is constantly monitored and adjusted by Atex Ventures management.

ISO 14001

The international ISO 14001 standard governs the way in which electronic waste needs to be stored, handled and disposed of.

These standards are based on environmentally friendly principles and ensure that electronic scrap metal, plastic and glass are processed and recycled in the correct manner.

Atex Ventures recycle electronic equipment as far as possible by refurbishing items and sending it back into the market. Equipment that cannot be re used will be sent to electronic scrap recycling companies.

We have the policy only to use companies who are ISO 14001 accredited electronic scrap recyclers.

ISO 9001

In the constant strive of improving services to our customers Atex Ventures decided to change our processes in line with international standard as set out by the International Standards Organisation’s ISO9001 quality standards.

These standards govern the administration process and company systems within an organisation and Atex Ventures is proud to announce that our business is tightly controlled under ISO 9001 regulations as set out in our ISO 9001 Manual.

This is an ongoing process that is constantly monitored and adjusted by Atex Ventures management.


SAFETY HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT (SHE) forms part of the ISO 18001 standards charter and Atex Ventures incorporated all relevant safety and environmental aspects into one “SHE File”. Here we address safety aspects from PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) to the appointment of Safety Reps and Safety Inspectors within our company. We realise that we are operating in an industry where potential serious injuries or even death can occur if our processes are not properly managed and controlled.

Atex Ventures take Occupation Health and Safety seriously and run a very tight ship when it comes to the implementation and daily operation of ISO 18001 safety standards in our work environment.

The Environmental part of SHE covers general aspects the likes of Self Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Water Resources and Refuse Disposal. Atex Ventures are pleased to mention that we have changed many processes to be in line with international standards by saving electricity and water and recycling many tons of waste. We have recently also started using specialised drag reducing filaments on our vehicles in order to economise fuel consumption and thereby reducing our overall CARBON FOOTPRINT.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Staying in line with current business trends Atex Ventures believe that it is important to be actively involved in community upliftment and is therefore constantly supporting various charitable organisations. We support the following CHARITIES:

Oliver’s House (Charity): This is a Gauteng based charity that houses black orphans.

Averyl Elizabeth Home (Charity): A Gauteng based charity caring for disabled children of all races.

The Association of  Round Tables of Southern Africa (ARTSA).

BBBEE Policy

Atex Ventures fully supports the South African Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) initiative.

To be in line with BBBEE standards Atex Ventures commissioned one of our business partners, SANAS to assist in the scoring process in becoming BBBEE compliant.

Atex Ventures is proud to announce that we received a Level 2 BBBEE accredited company.

View our BBBEE Certificate

Customer Relations Policy

Atex Ventures operates in a relatively small “niche market” within the Transport and Logistical industry. We manage a limited customer base and word-of-mouth references are important to us. It is therefore ultimately important to maintain an open and transparent communication channel with our customers and always treat their clients professionally and polite at all work sites.

Atex Ventures represent your company when we are on site delivering to your clients.

Staff Relations Policy

At Atex Ventures we believe in our people. We realize their individual needs and address them through regular meetings. A happy work environment contributes to good work performance.

We focus on team work and encourage our staff constantly to work together and support each other in performing their daily tasks.

Smoking Policy

Atex Ventures has a NO SMOKING policy in our warehouse and offices with designated smoking areas outside our buildings. We support all smoking initiatives and legislations passed by The Surgeon General and the South African Government.

Security Policy

Operating in a specialist “niche market” presented us with some specific security challenges. We believe that by using more than one Security Company at a premises we will significantly decrease the risk of theft or stock loss due to “inside jobs” or other criminal activity. Atex Ventures are therefore using CHUBB Security and Stallion Security who are consecutively responsible for the monitoring of our alarm systems as well as armed response. We contracted 24/7 Security who supply a 24 hour premises and access control guard and patrol system also backed up with armed response.

Our Security Policy is based on our slogan: COVER ALL ANGLES, TAKE NO RISKS!

Data Destruction Policy

In any event where Atex Ventures is responsible to receive, handle and destroy customer equipment that contains sensitive data, it is our policy to treat these devices as “secret” and handle and store it under high security up to such time that it has been destroyed.

Environmental Policy

In solidarity with current international drives to save the environment Atex Ventures embraced these efforts and has adopted an Environmental Policy constituted in our SAFETY HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT (SHE) File. We strive to save energy as far as possible, recycle our waste according to acceptable international standards and overall reduce our Carbon Footprint.